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NPK granulation

Physical granulation (commonly known as steam granulation) of fertilizers remains Fertiplant's core business, whether it is;

NPK granulation with or without S and MgO and with or without micronutrients, or

Single nutrient SSP and TSP granulation

Physical granulation (steam granulation) of NPK is to be distinguished from chemical granulation of NPK. In chemical granulation, there is primarily an acid and ammonia reaction, and some salts are added in their solid (powder or mixed in ammonia – acid slurry) to get the desired NPK value. Whereas in physical granulation all the raw materials are in their solid (powder) form and mixed and granulated in the presence of water, steam and heat.

Physical granulation of NPK can be divided in two main categories depending upon the main source of Nitrogen;

AS (Ammonium Sulphate) based NPK granulation, where the main source of Nitrogen is AS, or

Urea based NPK granulation, where the main source of Nitrogen is Urea.

AS based NPK granulation is easier and the granules are also better (more rounded)

On the other hand Urea based granulation is difficult as the material being processed is highly hygroscopic and leads to many plant operational difficulties. To minimize or to overcome these problems require additional process loops and years of experience in this field to come up with:
- the right process flow
- the right process parameters
- the right equipment parameters and
- the right layout

Such knowledge and experience in Urea based NPK granulation is extremely rare.

All plants engineered by us have the state of art PC-PLC controls and automation. They are energy efficient and meet the required pollution standards.