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Rotary Equipments (Dryers, Coolers, Kilns & Calciners and Incinerators)

Over the past 40 years Fertiplant has built more than hundred rotary dryers and coolers of various capacities and for many different applications, four extremely long and heavy duty kilns and three incinerators, and a few lime slackers and trommel screens.

Except for incinerators, in almost all other cases, the process back up and the complete design of the system with its auxiliary equipment has come from Fertiplant. Infact the process back up for the rotary dryer is so advanced that the in-house software perfected over many years, can predict the material and gas process parameters along each metre length of the dryer.

Apart from correct sizing of equipment, air flows, temperatures, etc. the other equally important (may be even more so) is a good mechanical design of the equipment. These heavy and capital intensive equipment are supposed to give many-many long years of service, hence strong equipment designs are necessary. And here the word strong does not only denote liberal sizing of equipment and components, but good design features, good shop practices and accuracy of fabrication and assembly as well.

Fertiplant is blessed in all these areas primarily due to their experience of over 40 years. Over the years the designs have been continuously updated, partly due to working with various consultants and inspection agencies and partly due to working with various materials. Each job, each interaction contributes to the continuous process of learning.