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Rotary Equipments (Dryers, Coolers, Kilns & Calciners and Incinerators)

The features of Fertiplant rotary equipment are :

• The supporting drum components namely the tyre (riding ring) and the supporting rollers are made from amply sized high tensile steel castings.

• The drive, however small, is by a positive girth gear and pinion drive and not by a chain and sprocket drive. Further for heavier duty dryers and kilns the girth gear is mounted on spring plates.

• The drum shell thickness below the tyre and the girth gear are from plates of higher thickness than the nominal drum thickness. Wrapper plate type of design is no more used.

• All castings are of ultrasonic grade and shell welding is by submerged are welding process.

• Equal care is taken in the design and fabrication of inlet and outlet seals.

For fabrication, Fertiplant has two well equipped, heavy engineering workshops, one in Mumbai and one at Mahad, (180 km south of Mumbai) and as almost the entire fabrication and assembly is done in house, good manufacturing practices are rigorously followed.

A separately headed, well equipped inspection department ensures quality at every stage of manufacturing.