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Chain Bucket Elevators

Fertiplant manufactures the entire range of chain bucket elevators, whether it be.

• Single Chain or Double Chain

or wether it be,

• Centrifugal Discharge,

• Positive Discharge or

• Continuous Discharge.

With more than 200 installations world wide,
the designs of the elevators have been perfected for long life and trouble free opration.

Strong design back up, high quality materials, good manufacturing practices and attention to detail, makes Fertiplant elevators amongst the very best in the world.

The chain and sprocket assembly, the heart of the elevator system are specially manufactured in close cooperation with a leading chain manufacturer in india.

The chain is made from special alloy steel. The links are normally hardened to 32-40 HRC while the pin and bush (or roller) is hardened to 54-62 HRC. The sprocket is either fabricated from carbon steel or made from cast steel with profiles cut on specialized machines and with the tooth hardened by flame/induction hardening.

Selection between roller chain and pin bush type of chain depends on application and cost considerations.

The elevators normally come with take- ups attached to the bottom sprocket. Only in specific cases where the bottom sprocket has to remain fixed to maintain the relation of buckets to the feed chute, the adjustment is given to the top sprocket. The take ups are of screw type for small to medium capacity elevators and of gravity type for large capacity elevators.

The normal range of manufacture includes capacity from 10 m3/h to 200 m3/h and with heights upto 20 m without support (self standing) and of higher heights with supports.