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Impactors / Oversize Crusher

Complete Reversibility
Doubles / Quadruples Service Life

Reversible Breaker Blocks
Breaker blocks are identical in upper and the lower half of the breaker assembly. Periodically, lower blocks can be moved up and replaced by higher level blocks which have less wear.

Reversible Breaker Panels
The entire breaker panel is reversible from one hinged door to the other.

Reversible Hammers
Cast manganese steel hammers are mounted on heavy alloy steel bars, precision fitted to discs and swing freely to absorb crushing shocks. The hammers can also be reversed. Due to reversible design, the period between hammer replacement is very long.

Reversible Rotor
By changing the phase of the supply to the motor, the rotor of the crusher can be rotated in the opposite direction. As the breaker block assembly on each side of the rotor are identical and feed entrance is centered over the rotor, no matter which side of the rotor impactor is used, identical reduction is achieved when run in either direction.


• Built Rugged

• Built Tough

• Built to Last

The size reduction is controlled by the adjustable breaker panels, eliminating the need for outlet grate bars. The size reduction is achieved partly by impact and partly by abrasion. Thus, these crushers are more suitable for hard materials as well as sticky materials, where the absence of outlet grate bars minimizes clogging.