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Indonesian Project : a case study

The project involved conveying material from the wharf to the raw material warehouse in the plant.

The guidelines were :
1. The system be designed to carry incoming material from ship to the raw material warehouse about 1 km away; at the same time be able to carry bulk material and bags from the plant, to the wharf, for export.

2. The unloading & transport system be designed to handle a minimum of 5000 tonnes of material per day, This worked out to an hourly capacity of 300 m3/hr equivalent to 300 tph of fertilizer material like M.O.P. or 400 tph of rock phosphate, on 20 hrs/day basis.

3. The ship could dock on upper berth as well as on the lower berth.

4. The ships crane facility to be utilized for unloading the material.

5. The material to be stored in the different bays of the warehouse by means of a tripper conveyor.

6. Part of the material from tripper to feed directly to the “direct bagging hoppers”' so that about half the incoming material would be immediately bagged and sold or sent away to satellite warehouses

To achieve the above :
1. 3 nos. each, traveling hoppers on rails were placed on the upper as well as on the lower berth.

2. The main receiving belt conveyor on the wharf was placed on the lower berth with 3 nos. cross conveyors for each hopper on the upper berth, to carry material from upper to the main receiving conveyor located on the lower berth.

3. Conveyors BC1A (640 m long) and BC1B (110 m long) were made reversible in order to carry back material for export.

4. In order to convey bags, non-standard idlers were used, where the middle idler was longer than normal idler dimensions.

5. The final unloading conveyor BC5 was 165m long with 110m long tripper conveyor, part of which was inclined to cross the road going below it.

6. The first position of the tripper was such that the

material would directly fall into six nos. bagging hoppers.

7. A system of 4 main conveyors (totaling 1.2 km in length) plus 3 nos. mobile cross conveyors on the jetty, with three transfer towers, were required to complete the system.

8. The entire project was commissioned within 7 months of order placement. The first ship to dock was a 30,000 tonne vessel, which was completely unloaded in five days!