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Wax & Clay Coating System

Final product treatment with anti-caking or anti-dust agents has become an integral part of any fertilizer production. However not much attention is paid to the equipment required for this purpose, leading to under use or over use of the agent, resulting in bad fertilizer quality or waste of expensive anti-caking agents.

Fertiplant offers a well engineered system designed to satisfy diverse coating requirement.

The system consists of a
- The coating drum and
- Wax heating and spray system
- Feed system for clay
- PLC based panel for auto control of wax and clay feed

Coating drum : This is a rotary equipment supported on two tyres and driven by a girth gear and pinion arrangement. The drum is normally not inclined, but has small spiral flights to gently convey the material through the drum.

Wax /Oil heating and spray system
We normally provide a holding tank of one shift capacity, in which oil or wax is fed by the client. The tank is made in Stainless Steel and is either electrically or steam heated. Temperature sensors are placed at various levels to control the heating.

The filtering and pumping unit (dupleix) consists of a gear pump developing 3 to 4 bar pressure. The desired flow rate is achieved by changing the rpm of the motor by a variable frequency drive. This can be manually done, alternatively if material feed rate is available (as 4 to 20 mA signal) then the rpm will be automatically set (in open loop) based on the feed to rpm ratio which is linear in case of gear pump. This system is skid mounted.