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Benefit from Fertiplant's expertise and experience

While we do not claim expertise in all areas, our interaction has certainly helped many clients.

Our suggestions are normally compiled in three parts. In the first part we give our general impressions about the process, the plant equipment and the plant operation. In the second part we list out those suggestions in both process and equipment design, which can be quickly implemented without major modifications/costs. In the third part we list out those items which call for major modifications. Brief idea on the budgeted cost and down time is also given.

Energy efficient ideas are also discussed.

To conduct the first part of the audit, we normally offer a two day visit of one/two of our senior engineers (one from process and one from equipment design and manufacture) free of cost. We however require that cost of traveling, lodging and boarding be borne by the client.

Based on the findings of the 1st part, fees and scope of work for the secondand third part will be defined.

In the case of audit of NPK granulation plants, one note of caution is in order. We are experts in physical granulation of NPK (that is steam granulation without chemical reactions), and therefore our knowledge of the chemical reaction part of the process of granulation is albeit poor. But thereafter as the process and equipment, in both chemical or physical granulation remain the same, we can contribute significantly even in chemical granulation NPK industry.