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Wax & Clay Coating System

Clay Feeder
The clay feeder is of a unique design. The pre-feeder/cutter above the screw feeder minimizes bridging to ensure almost uniterrupted feed. The integral hopper along with the cutter and screw feeder are all made in S.S. material. This feeder is attached to the clay hopper which is mounted on load cells. If the material feed rate is available then the clay feed rate is set as a % of feed rate and is maintained automatically in a closed loop system based on the “loss in weight” principle.


Control panel
The panel is divided into two sections. The electrical section houses the components for the motors (wax pump and clay feeder) and its VFDs, and heaters in case of electrical heating. The control sectiont houses the PLC with HMI and the control circuit.

The system can be run in manual mode where the rpm of the clay feeder and the rpm of the wax pump are set manually. Alternatively it can be run in fully automatic mode as long as the feed rate (4 to 20 mA signal) of material feed is available. The clay feed rate is controlled in a closed loop system, while the wax/oil feed rate is controlled in an open loop system.